Abstract Works & extension paintings 1958 - 1961

1958 - 2023

*Starred works are in Sweden

Chronologically & by theme

Children´s Games Series 1960 - 1962

Watercolors 1961 - 1966

Wall series 1960-66

Tattoo Paintings 1962 

Body Paint Sculptures 60s

Back Painting serie 1972  - 1975

Selfportraits 1975

Portraits and Figures 1962 - 1978

Flesh and Stone Series, 1978, Pencil on rag paper, 22w x 30h in *

Womenhero in The Sister Chapel, 1974

June Blum / Maureen Connor / Martha EdelheitElsa M. Goldsmith / Shirley GorelickIlise Greenstein / Betty Holliday / Diana KurzCynthia Mailman / Alice Neel / Sylvia SleighMay Stevens / Sharon Wybrants  

From the book 

The Art of the Sister Chapel, Andrew D. Hottle book, 2014, Routledge

"In a small study, executed in acrylic and permanent marker, Martha Edelheit identified her allegorical female role model as Hero Woman. She eventually transposed and elided the two-word appellation to form a neologism, Womanhero. Although Womanhero unequivocally replicates the pose of Michelangelo's David, Edelheit significantly transformed the biblical hero of her sixteenth- century forebear. Edelheit's fascination with the interchangeability of gender, which indisputably influenced Womanhero, is already evident in her erotic watercolors, executed between 1961 and 1966, especially the fragmented paper doll motifs that eventually found another form of expression in Anna and David and Portraits: Flesh and Stone. Maureen Connor's engagement with the strictures of traditional femininity found another manifestation at Acquavella Galleries in 1982. Woman led the artist to work with the organs of animals and humans, cast in glass, which are 'aspects of the body that aren't so seductive or commodifiable'."

CUTOUTS 2 sided painted sculptures 1979-85

CUTOUTS 3 sided painted sculptures 1980-85

Paper Doll Book 1984

Tool Paintings

Oil pastel 1985 *

Monoprints 1983-86 *

Colored pencil, ink & graphite *